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June 17th, 2001

They do say that a picture says a thousand words - so who am I to argue !!




































First Row - Last section going up
Second Row - 70 cms Yagi's
Third Row - 2m Yagi

Paul (VE3EU) and I were at it by about 8am this morning.  By about 2pm we had everything up apart from the feed line.  I picked that up later on and had my first QSO at 5:07 PM on the new system.

Now what we have ended up with is :

2 x 15 element yagis side by side on 70cms, fed with 7/8" coax at about 55 ft.
16 element yagi on 2m fed with 1/2" coax at about 50 ft.


A very special thanks goes to Paul VE3EU for all of the material and work he contributed to this effort.  Without his help this would have been a considerably harder project.