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In 2001 we started to build the tower at the VA3GY station.  The following is a history of the current antenna installation as we rolled it out.

 The last  proper antenna installation I had was back in my days as GM4GUQ, in Inverness Scotland.  This was back in 1984.

That installation was made up of a 32 foot tilt over mast, with a pair of 21 element Tonna 70cms beams and a 10 element J-Beam 2m beam.  There was also a 2m collinear on the top of the mast.

New Tower Plan

The plan is to erect a Delhi 48 foot self supporting tower.  Initially I will put up 2m and 70cms yagi's, and maybe later on a HF beam.

May 31st 2001

At this time the 4'x4'x4' hole is dug.  I dug the hole about 3 weeks ago.

The tarp is covering the hole for the tower.  As you can see the aggregate is there and I am hoping this weekend to get the mixer rented and the tower planted - weather permitting.

June 1st 2001

Made some progress today.  VE3EU came around and we dropped the tower in the hole.













The images above show the hole with the temporary supports, the three tower sections being lifted into position and the base section all secured ready for the concrete.

Now, I am going to pick up the mixer and if the weather holds we will be at that first thing tomorrow morning.

Now, just for punishment, on the way to the Rent All store I stopped at VE3EU's place.  He is also putting up a tower, so we worked away with a sledge hammer and got the base legs of his installation down 4 feet into the ground.

 A happy Paul VE3EU with the base installed.